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Wink is a mobile app that plays soothing sounds with adaptive volume to help people sleep better.

Users set a Bedtime to begin generating ambient background sounds and a Wake Time to turn on the alarm.
The app uses the phone's microphone to sense surrounding noise to modify the volume.



Mobile App Prototype Video

See Invision prototype here

Screen Views


User Research + Personas

The product allows users to set times to automatically play sounds to support more regular sleeping habits and includes an adaptive volume feature to address noise variations.

Insights from surveys and interviews on how people are affected by noise in the home include a high awareness and sensitivity to sound, especially when going to sleep. The most common solution for dealing with noise while sleeping is to use a fan to create white noise. Fans are popular because of their accessibility, however, they are not ideal as they affect the temperature and are neither customizable nor portable.



Usability testing on the initial wireframes led to key recommendations to provide more prominently labeled buttons and more visual feedback for sleepy users.