Orbital Experience


Experience + Visual Designer 


Orbital is a temporary interactive art installation presented by Microsoft Cortana that translates audio to visual. The installation demonstrates the personal assistant’s knowledge and capabilities and generates overall awareness for the product.

Orbital conveys the concepts of connectivity, growth, and impact by reflecting your individual influence on the collective experience. As more people interact with Cortana, the more data is gathered, and the greater the overall experience.



The installation is comprised of an outer wall made of individual kinetic ring modules, a canopy formed by hanging rings and connective strands, and a central structure with a ticket area.

Plan View





Talk to Cortana under the rings and see your interaction visualized in lights on the wall or interact directly with the wall to see your voice translated into motion.

The Orbital installation is placed in high-traffic public spaces in large cities for visibility and accessibility, for example, outside of LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). When you interact with Cortana under the ring, she acts as a personal assistant with location-based prompts.


When you talk to Cortana under the ring, a visualization of your interaction appears in lights on the wall. As you continue to interact, the lights spread and become more intense.

When you interact directly with the wall, the outer rings of the modules flutter. If someone is interacting with a ring, you impact their experience by affecting the light quality. 

Ticket Memento

After your conversation with Cortana, you are directed to the ticket area.
Visitors receive a ticket memento that includes key points and a code to access your full conversation online, so you can retain the information without giving personal information out loud.


Social Media

Use #orbital to see the installation respond in real time.



Singular interactive rings installed around the city serve as reminders that Cortana provides information at any time from any place.