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The new website and mobile app for First Bite highlights restaurants and food in a way that visually engages aspiring foodies.

First Bite is Boulder County’s restaurant week, which gives foodies the opportunity to explore local restaurants and for restaurants to reach out to new diners. 




The website promotes discovery through visual menu exploration and includes information on restaurants so that aspiring foodies can select the best ones to visit during First Bite.

The restaurants page features a dish from the special three course prix-fixe menu to give users an idea of the cuisine and allow them to get to know the restaurant in order to make an informed decision. After a restaurant is selected, there are additional images from the menu to explore.


Mobile App

Get to know what you’re eating with First Bite.
With the mobile app, aspiring foodies learn to quickly form a visual connection with their food.

People can connect with the local restaurant community, learn about their food, and make informed decisions about what to eat in the future. The mobile app serves as a single reference point for aspiring foodies to learn about what they are eating. Beyond restaurant week, First Bite gives aspiring foodies a way to save dishes they’ve experienced at local restaurants and discover similar dishes that feature the same ingredients.

Mobile App Prototype Video

See Invision prototype here.



User Interviews + Surveys

The research led to a solution that provides aspiring foodies a better understanding of ingredients and helps them to form a visual connection with their food.

Serious foodies are knowledgeable about the individual ingredients that compose a dish. They are able to visually discern whether they will enjoy a dish by recognizing and understanding its components and if they’re cooked properly. Aspiring foodies are looking to learn the same skills. 


Mobile App Sketches